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The Guilt Free Gourmet: Cookbook Volume 1: Cooking Guide & Recipes for Healthy Weight Loss

This highly detailed cookbook, was developed specifically to allow you to eat large portioned, full flavored “regular” meals, while allowing you to lose weight. Inside, you’ll find ideas and suggestions for ingredient substitutions for lowering the fat and calories in regular recipes. I’m also including a multi-page, step-by-step guided tutorial, to help members of the weight watchers healthy lifestyle system, be able to fully utilize the tools available to them, for creating healthy recipes. This first cookbook has over 400 full color images, along with detailed instructions and pictures for every recipe. Inside the foundation’s section, you’ll find low calorie and fat recipes for “building block” food items, which serve as the foundation for other dishes, such as: How to bread dough, fat free cream cheese substitute, low sugar and carb pie crust, masa for tamales and tortillas. As well as a tutorial for making fresh, homemade pasta, yeast pizza dough, and much more. The biggest hit in this book, among the foundation recipes, are my ground turkey & chicken meat seasoning recipes. There are recipes for turning ground turkey into insanely flavorful meats that you wouldn’t normally associate with turkey. Such as: Ground turkey bratwurst, chorizo, Italian sausage, Andouille sausage, Lebanese kafta, Polish sausage (kielbasa) and more. I include tips and tricks for how to change the flavor profile and the cooked texture of ground turkey, to make it beefier and lose its ‘turkey’ flavor. There are also 45 low fat and calorie sauces included in the sauces section. A wide range of delicious and healthy sauces, which range from classic béchamel and béarnaise sauce, all the way through to cheese sauce, Mexican brown mole’, Italian pesto, white wine ‘butter’, and even a low fat and calorie vodka sauce.

For folks who count nutritional macros, in the back of the book I include the nutritional information for 1 serving of every single recipe in the book, as well as providing a link for members of a certain weight loss/healthy lifestyle system, to find your own personal ‘number values’ for each recipe.



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