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Rubber Health Care Body Cup Vacuum Cupping Suction Cup


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  • Brand Name: U-Kiss
  • Material: PVC+Glass



1 Principle: Use cupping therapy to promote blood circulation, dispel cold and dampness, and carry out daily health care.

2. Thickened PVC cup: The soft and thickened PVC cup can be squeezed easily, and a better vacuum effect can be instantly obtained, and it is durable.

3. Easy to clean: The detachable and detachable design makes cleaning a breeze, improves the level of hygiene, and also provides you with a convenient storage space.

4. High-quality materials: high-quality glass, smooth edges, exquisite craftsmanship, improve the comfort of cupping, and do not hurt the skin.

5. Multiple sizes: There are 4 size changes in total, which can be safely placed to handle different body parts, and can be used flexibly according to your requirements.



Portable cupping tool, vacuum cupping therapy promotes blood circulation, suitable for different body parts.



Material: PVC+Glass

Size: #1Material: PVC+Glass

Size: #1, #2, #3, #4

Height (with ball): 98mm(#1), 105mm(#2), 105mm(#3), 115mm(#4)


Outer diameter of cup bottom: 19mm(#1), 29mm(#2), 29mm(#3), 39mm(#4)


Ball diameter: 55mm





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