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Burdock Tea Niupang Regulates Blood Sugar Blood Lipids Diabetes Prevents and Inhibits Cancer Cells


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Efficacy and effects of burdock tea
1. The inulin contained in burdock has a hypoglycemic effect, can regulate blood sugar and blood lipids, and has obvious effects on diabetic patients. It is suitable for long-term drinking by diabetic patients.
2. Burdock tea Burdock tea contains a large amount of arctigenin and lignans, among which arctigenin is an anti-cancer active substance, which has a good preventive and inhibitory effect on cancer patients.
3. Burdock tea has the functions of diuresis, laxative, prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids, detoxification, clearing blood and nourishing skin.
4. The rich water-soluble cellulose in burdock tea can block the liver and intestine circulation of cholesterol, absorb bile acids, increase the excretion of bile salts and cholesterol, and reduce the inhalation of body fat.
how to use Burdock tea

Burdock tea can be brewed with sugar and rock sugar. Burdock tea is a pure natural tea made from Chinese herbal medicine burdock root. Old, burdock tea has anti-spot, anti-obesity and beauty effects. Burdock tea is a kind of tea drink. Drink it anytime, hot drink: 5-8 grams each time (note 7 to 8 tablets), constipation and weight loss can increase as appropriate. Brewing with boiling water, long-term drinking may cause spleen and stomach deficiency and cold. Burdock tea has a good weight loss effect. It is better if you add proper exercise, eat more vegetables and fruits, and try to eat less greasy, spicy and irritating food, which is beneficial to your health.


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